End of Life Care

TLC Homecare has provided specialist end of life care and palliative care to many service users and those with terminal illnesses. We recognise that it is important to people that they are able to choose to die at home in comfortable surroundings and we are committed to providing services that offer this choice, sensitively and responsively at times of need.

Our End of Life Care Strategy promises to:

  • Work in partnership with other agencies to provide joined up services and minimise the intrusion into the service user's life
  • Respond quickly to requests for end of life care services and adjust the service as required as the service user's needs change
  • Involve the service user and their family in the assessment and planning for the end of life care service. Ensuring they are able to make choices and decisions about the care they receive and to express their wishes about how they would like their body and possessions to be handled after their death
  • Seek advice and opinions from palliative care professionals as required during the assessment process and throughout the care service
  • Support service users, carers and families to access information about death and dying
  • Ensure service users have a dignified death
  • Train staff to support services users respectfully and to meet their needs for dignity, privacy and comfort.